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Handle all Your Laundry Needs on One App

An on-demand mobile app can do wonders for your laundry business. Designed to work for three different types of users—laundry services, dry cleaners, and pickup and delivery agents/drivers—users can track orders, booking, and other processes in real time. You can send push notifications to your staff and clients, and let customers schedule pickup and drop-off of their laundry.
Regardless of whether you are maintaining a solitary outlet clothing business or multi outlet chain of cleaning shops, a clothing programming causes you to deal with your everyday tasks easily. Money the board, client profile and detail exchanges are the main capacities performed.


Manage your laundry services, one load at a time

Place orders, schedule pickups and drop-offs

Enable your customers to place their laundry orders on the go. They can add their addresses and select their preferred pickup and drop-off times. Customers can choose their type of laundry service, add the number of clothes, along with special instructions like detergent and wash preferences, and so on.

Staff and customer profiles

On-demand laundry service requires an administrative application that combines customer, delivery, and laundry management, for a smooth user experience. Perform user management by creating customer and staff profiles that include personal data. Choose the type of service and add details—material, kind of clothes, detergent preferences, and more.

Service packages and subscriptions

Let your customers subscribe to laundry services and save on expenses. Create coupons and discount campaigns for customers. Display pricing specials, new offers, and promotional coupons effectively, so that customers can use them while placing their order.

Track orders and get notified of updates

Manage order processing so you can present customers with a clear picture of the status of their order. Set automatic notifications for both customers and pickup companies. Customer can also access and prioritize pickup- and delivery-related details, which helps them make arrangements to pick up their laundry, in case of sudden emergencies.

Calculate the cost of services and payments online

Manage and record all customer payments made by card or cash. The customer can select their laundry preferences, like washing, ironing or dry cleaning, and an invoice can be generated for all services rendered.

Customizable dashboard and calendar view

Manage incoming orders and deliveries on your app’s customizable dashboard. Use the customer portal feature and provide your customers with a personalized login and access details relevant to them. Get an on-demand mobile app with calendars and reminders to help schedule tasks more easily.


  • Colour and Brightness
  • Drycleaning
  • Convenience
  • Expertise
  • Extend the life of your garments
  • Finishing
  • Laundry
  • Stain removal
  • Wetcleaning
  • Knowledge of fabrics and fashions

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