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A School management system transforms schools into smart schools which are always the preferred choice for new age parents. Quick communications, Transparent operations and flawless administration can put your school ahead in the group of smart schools. e-Prashasan, one of the leading smart school management software and school erp system, helps you achieve that. Our School Administration Software helps in handling day to day task with an ease thus, letting you focus on what’s important i.e. achieving better results. If you’re looking for the best school management software then look no further because e-Prashasan is the answer to all your queries. Fully loaded with multiple automated features e-Prashasan provides next level app and cloud based solutions which helps you keep track of your daily school activities.


Why Choose Us ?

Government Compliance By School

Report required by UDISE, SARAL, SDMIS & Shala Siddhi

Ready To Use Software

Student information will feed by company

Multiple Language Support

Available in English, Marathi & other languages

Cost Effective

Saves lots of stationary cost & valuable time

Onsite Training & Support

We served at school location and on call support also

As Per Government Norms

Based on general register of school

Available For Any Type Of School

SSC, CBSE, ICSE, etc board’s school

One Stop Solution

Manage all department of school in one software

A sample set of features


Data comes in from many sources during the admission process. There is also lots of variance in the type of information required for enrolling a student across different institutions. We provide a balanced flexible admission process powered with workflows to enable entry of data and validation of this critical information. Information collected at this step is used for other processes like printing ID cards and to set up the basic profile for a student.


What is an example of a most repetitive task inside a classroom? 4 out of 5 will give taking attendance as the answer. If you consider taking 3 minutes for marking and validating attendance, you are already losing 25 minutes per day assuming 8 periods. Our system reduces the process of taking attendance to a much lesser time. It even does more by sending notifications to parents immediately if a student is marked absent. Schools can also optionally choose to use our face recognition based attendance for more time savings

Remote Learning

Remote learning is another way of knowledge delivery which is becoming critical lately. Our video conferencing systems are fully integrated with the system so that the teacher or the student need not remember and track a plethora of disconnected links. It automatically places the student or the teacher in the right conference room upon logging in into the system. Our remote learning features are tuned for the use of schools with features allowing the teacher to mute all, screen share, hand raise etc.


Managing examinations is a complex process. It is also an important exercise which assesses the student. Our system allows teachers and other stakeholders to focus on their core work by taking over the logistics and workflows required for conducting examinations. Right from scheduling, communicating the dates, syllabus it virtually automates the whole process. Besides, the system supports different types of examinations - online tests, written tests, evaluation based on marks, evaluation targeting grades etc.


The submission of assignments is an ongoing process during the academic year. Our system makes it effortless for the teacher to administer assignments. Students can track and submit the assignments using the system. Teachers can include rich content including but not limited to embedded videos as a part of the assignment. Assignments can be submitted by students either as paper-based offline submissions or online submissions using the system. Teachers have the ability to view, rate, and grade submissions.

Timetable generator

How many of us know that generating an optimal timetable manually is very time consuming and difficult. Schools spend weeks of work to arrive at a time table schedule ahead of an academic year - accommodating new classes, a fresh set of teachers etc. Besides, the timetable is something you also might need tweaks from time to time. Our system allows you to generate the most optimal time table with a click of a button accommodating all protocols, complex constraints that can be specified in the system.



  • Improves overall quality & level of school
  • Reduce school cost drastically
  • Saves 95% of administrative worktime
  • It also helps for making school advertisement by sending SMS to parents of attendence, notices, birthday & results.
  • It helps to focus on students quality of education by reducing clerical staff time.


  • It make easier to monitor all teachers activity.
  • It also helps to plan different activities for quality education & make all school work transparent & accurate.
  • Principal gets every information & its status at single work
  • It helps to plan students progress accordingly students performance by CCE report (Students Yearly Report)

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